Los Angeles. Year 2060. In the last decades, the megacity has grown larger, denser and now approximately 23 million people are living here and moving around. Seamless real-time information and responses wiped out boundaries; Smart-Cities became Smart States, which are now becoming Smart Countries. The ubiquitous presence of the Internet 4.0 links every person and object in a fabric pulsating in a unique pace.

In a society based on the immediacy, the need of a contraction of trips-times is compelling. The citizens and upcoming attendees expected for any major event in the city are going to be managed through full decentralization and efficient hyper-connected network of vertical and horizontal transportation.

Our vision for LA 2060 is a smart global city of the new era with connected and smart transport network that connects the LA city to its surrounding cities and regions through a seamless, high-speed network of autonomous mass public transport and on demand shared and private connected auto–drone fleet at comfort of everyone’s fingertips. It is about connecting people and encouraging friendship, respect and excellence through an exciting collective experience.

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About Us

Established in 1989, Systematica is a Transport Planning and Mobility Engineering consultancy with its main office in Milan (Italy) and subsidiary offices in Beirut (Lebanon) and Mumbai (India).
Systematica operates at multiple scales and provides a wide array of integrated consultancy services in the sectors of transport and urban planning, including national, urban and development scale transport planning, strategic advisory and due diligence for infrastructure investments, traffic analysis and management, mobility engineering in complex buildings and events venues with a special focus on pedestrian flows, parking design, vertical transportation, and application of advanced info-mobility systems and technologies.
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Our Team

Systematica is committed to its company statement and mission, inscribed by its founder, to deliver highly ethical and professional invest in Research and Development for seeking new approaches and solutions for the ever-changing issue of mobility and transport planning; put social inclusion on top priority, and; search for sound engineering solutions to support sustainable growth.
Systematica’s team is characterized by its variety in terms of disciplines, qualifications and experience. This allows for a versatile interaction with Clients of different nature and the capability to tailor and tweak approaches according to different project conditions, complexity and geographical characteristics.
The team is composed of engineers, architects and urban planners with multiple linguistic proficiency. Systematica’s team of professionals continuously seeks to enrich its know-how through cross-disciplinary research activities for new methods, instruments and techniques.


Planning principles

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Promote high-density urban growth

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The era of mass ownership

The fact that more than 60% of Los Angeles County households has 2 cars or more is a reflection of the era of mass automobile ownership in which Los Angeles was constructed. But if today private vehicles are dominating the landscape of cities, in the coming years they are going to suffer a lot of […]

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