The “Memories from Los Angeles 2060” is the concept project presented by Systematica to the Design & Developer Challenge of 2017 of LA Auto Show® and AutoMobility LA™ presented by Microsoft.
The theme for 2017 “Design & Developer Challenge presented by Microsoft,” entitled “Smarter L.A. 2060,” competition organizers and Microsoft invited leading automotive, transportation, mobility, technology, architecture and design companies to tap their most creative teams to imagine what life would be like in Los Angeles if it were to host the 2060 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Set in the year 2053, the theme focuses on the City of Los Angeles’ bid to host a highly anticipated global sporting event in the year 2060. In its presentation to the International Sporting Event Committee, the city must include a smart transportation/mobility plan that outlines how 20 million citizens, athletes, volunteers, dignitaries and visitors will get around Los Angeles using new and existing public, private and alternate modes of transportation/mobility.