Sustainable journeys: carpooling in LA

Sharing a journey with a colleague or a friend has long been a way for people without cars to work to get where they are going. Carpooling is the shared use of private cars between a group of people, with the main purpose of reducing travel costs. Carpooling is one of the cornerstones of so-called sustainable mobility, as it allows to reduce the number of cars in circulation with beneficial effects on pollution, road congestion and infrastructure needs.
With the rise of mobile technology, ridesharing can be arranged quickly and with less advance planning. Moreover, with hundreds or thousands of users, the chance of finding a driver or passenger who is “going your way” has hugely increased.
Traditional forms of ridesharing include:
– Carpooling typically involves travelers sharing a ride in a privately-owned vehicle to save on fuel and vehicle–operating costs. Often used for commuting, car-pools can be arranged between parties who know each other and those who do not know each other.
– Vanpooling is often run by collective transport operators and allows groups of commuters (often co-workers) to share a ride travelling to/from their work place. Van-pooling is similar to carpooling, but using larger vehicles often provided by employers.